HdM GALLERY Beijing is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition "The Order of Time". This exhibition is showing 15 Chinese and Western artists including Dong Dawei, Hu Weiyi, Li Yiwen, Lu Xinjian, Lu Song, Ma Ke, Manuel Mathieu, Charles Sandison, Wang Yi, Wang Qingsong, Yin Hang, Yun Yongye, Zhang Xuerui, Zhang Yunyao, Zhu Rixin. Each started a new journey at a specific “time" within painting, photography, installation and video. The exhibition will open from May 16, 2020 to July 4, 2020.


There is no "time" in the world. What we call "time" only exists as a concept of human culture. Our cognition of time comes more from people's perception of space, objects and the causes of events. The time we recognise does not exist, and the traces of its passage are just countless points and lines. In the basic equations of the world, the "time" of the past, present and future is actually more akin to a type of memory, feeling and expectation within our mind. Therefore, the order of time is more like a network of events that affect each other. It cannot present a universal truth but an interpretation of the subjective behaviour of people as the basic starting point to control the time and space of a certain dimension that only someone’s consciousness can perceive.


In this exhibition, the artists use different media to show each other's most personal inner feelings about the concept of time within this definition. Most of them are not limited to the abstract concept of "time" as an objective reality. Some artists use "time" as a mode of expression and language. Others record traces of "time" through thousands of repetitive actions. But more artists focus on time as individual memory, public history, death, space, subconscious and imagination.


The journey of time is an endless river, which has stopped for some people, but continues for others who carry on their journey. The time and things around us are intertwined at their own speed, go forward or turn back on themselves, pointing to the future or to the present. Time is like a metaphor: we don’t know its true form. A particularly precious experience is the perception of different individuals intertwined in one space.

  • Zhu Rixin_Landscape behind Walls No.2 - archival ink pen and acrylic on paper - 40 x 50 cm - 2020

  • Zhu Rixin_Landscape behind Walls No.1 - archival ink pen and acrylic on paper - 40 x 60 cm - 2020

  • Wang Yi_Primary Structures - epoxy resin cast - dimension variable -

  • Hu Weiyi_Spring Breeze No.2 - photograph, ultra giclee, hahnemühle fineart baryta, suspended white wooden frame - 100x70cm,3+1AP - 2020

  • Hu Weiyi_Blue Bones No.5 - cyanotype on watercolour paper, wooden frame, aluminum-plastic board, white cardboard, acrylic - 52 x 38 cm - 2020

  • Witness - oil on wood block - 13.8 × 9.4 cm × 2 - 2020

  • Vomiting Christ - oil on wood block - 14.4 × 11.3 cm - 2020

  • Final Scenery - oil on wood block - 23 x 18 cm - 2020