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Manuel Mathieu is a Haitian artist born in 1986. He studied Visual and Media Arts at  the University of Quebec  in  Montreal and obtained a Masters in Fine Arts  from  Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2016.

Manuel Mathieu’s interdisciplinary practice combines his formal arts education and the Haitian artistic custom of using one’s surroundings to create. He invites viewers to be fully engaged and willing to expand their referencial scope to explore the many narratives and perspectives attached to each artwork. The generosity of his work offers us a moment to imagine the stories of his compositions. His paintings create an immersive experience that propels us into a universe that varies based on what we bring to the canvas — our fears, our passion, our desires, our way of making sense of the world. He engages the sensibilities of his viewers.

Mathieu grounds his artistic expression in themes of historical violence, erasure, as well as Haitian visual cultures of physicality, nature, and religious symbolism. His paintings are abstract compositions with occasional anthropomorphic shapes, creating emotive portrayals rather than ‘objective’ descriptions. He tackles various subject matters that stem from his historiographic inquiries into the role of history-writing in forming current public opinions and modes of political assemblage. These are pressing questions that Mathieu asks as a way to unravel the complexities that weave the cultural fabric of Haiti.

Some of his paintings refer to specific events under the Duvalier dictatorship while others tackle seemingly abstract topics integral to our everyday lives. Mathieu welcomes the uncertainty and vulnerability that accompany his research into obscured and erased histories, and generously asks us to join him on this journey. To experience his work is to be captivated by his wonder, awakening our own curiosity and imagination when questions of futurities arise.


  • Goldsmiths, University of London, Masters in Fine Arts


  • University of Quebec in Montréal (UQAM), Bachelors in Visual and Media Art


  • Born in Haiti, currently based in Montreal, Canada

Solo Exhibitions


  • Nobody is watching, Kavi Gupta Gallery, Chicago, USA

  • Solo Booth, Armory Show NY, Tiwani Contemporary Gallery


  • Truth to Power, Tiwani Gallery, London, UK

  • Art Brussels, Maruani Mercier, Belgium


  • One future, Goldsmiths Graduating show, UK


  • 49/50, Fig 2, Curated by Fatos Üstek, Institute of Contemporary Art, London

Selected Group Exhibitions


  • Here we are here:Black canadian contemporary art, Museum of fine arts Montreal, Montreal

  • Armory show, Kavi gupta, NY

  • ARCO Madrid, Maruani Mercier, Spain


  • Art Basel, Kavi Gupta Gallery, Miami

  • 1:54 art fair London, Tiwani Contemporary

  • We are all very anxious, Dye House 451, London

  • Foire Papier, Galerie Division, Montreal

  • In-visibilité Ostentatoire, Fondation Clement, Martinique