Claude Viallat

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Born in 1936 in Nimes, Claude Viallat is one of the most respected French contemporary artists in the world. In the late 1960’s, he became part of the Supports/Surfaces movement. This movement sought to reinvent painting and the way to approach a painting. Some of the followers painted on frames, others on the side of the paintings, others painted squares or circles. Viallat took away the frame from the painting and used only the cloth. He took the motif he is known for from the contour of a sponge that he once found in the sink in his apartment. He took this pattern to have no connotation or association and thought its shape was akin to man’s most primitive artistic gesture as he dipped a hand in paint and applied in on rock. Using hundreds of colours, materials and paints, Viallat has endlessly reinvented the same painting for the last 50 years.